Tests and Results




Patients are responsible for ensuring that they receive all their test results, both blood test and xray


Blood Test Results

For blood test results patients will need to phone the surgery 5-7 days after a blood sample has been taken to confirm the results are back, and whether any action is required. At that time the receptionist should be able to view the doctors comments related to your results, and tell you what they are.

Image of patient receiving test results


X-Ray and Scan Results

X-ray and ultrasound results may take 10-14 days to come through. If your results are not available by that time the surgery will be happy to contact the hospital to chase them up. In order to do this, we will need to know when and where the test was carried out. But please note- we will only know that they have not arrived when you phone and ask for the result. Hence the importance of phoning in, or dropping by to chek your results.

Please try to ring for these results between 1:30 and 4:00pm when the telephone lines are less busy.  Some results will need to be discussed with the doctor and, if this is the case, an appointment (which might be a telephone appointment) may need to be made.


Results of Tests that have been booked by the Hospital

Please bear in mind the professional guidance (supported by the GMC and MDU) that the doctor who arranges a test is responsible for actioning the result. Hence, if a test is booked from an Out Patient Department (OPD) Appointment, then it is the primary responsibility of the doctor in the OPD to action that result. Sometimes this may involve communication with the GP, but by no means always and only if the hospital doctor has liaised with the GP to inform them of the result/ and what action they suggest. It is very important that both the doctor and patient in the OPD setting discuss how any results are to be followed up. Not all hospital doctors behave in the same manner, so it is not possible for us, as your GP, to tell you what to expect. You should ask the team concerned what they plan.