Caring for the Frail and Elderly




The Drs and staff at Ash are keen to provide sensitive, supportive and responsive care for the frail and elderly in our population.

We feel we have achieved this over the years by providing continuity of care and working closely with our partners in Health and Social care.

More recently we have been involved in the development of Care Plans for patients who are considered to be at particular risk of unplanned hospital admissions. The Care Plans are overseen by the named, accountable GP for that person, and are regularly updated. They allow (with patient consent) for sharing of patient clinical information with the out of hours services, so improving continuity of care and reducing the risk of unplanned admission.

We have also been involved in screening of our >75 year population for frailty with a self-filled questionnaire. Depending on the results of that questionnaire, some patients are being offered a further medical assessment to identify any specific needs. If deemed appropriate some are then being referred to social, medical or psychological support services.

  • We have parking for disabled and disabled access to our surgery.
  • All rooms are on the ground floor and accessible by wheelchair or scooter.
  • There are lavatory facilities for the disabled near the main entrance.

If you are in need of any help, please let staff at reception know.


Further information is available on our website


Local Organizations which may be useful to you

Age Concern

Sandwich Centre for the Retired
Sneller House
19-21 The Cattle Market
CT13 9AP


Deal Area Foodbank

Unit C4, Enterprise Trading Estage
Western Road
CT14 6PJ


Health Walks

The Kent Health and Wellbeing team is part of Kent Community Health NHS Trust. Responsible for leading walks locally, in Sandwich, Wingham, Deal and Fowlmead among others