Access To Health Records




The General Dat Protection Regulation came into force on 25th May 2018 and governs the way in which we process the data we hold. We have drawn up some plain english privacy notices to provide our patients with the necessary information, as required under this regulation:

image depicting patient records


Data Protection Act: Patient Information

As your clinicians we need to hold personal information about you on our computer and on paper. These help us to look after you and your health needs. Your doctor is responsible for their accuracy and safe keeping.

Please help us keep your record up to date by informing us in a timely manner of any changes to your circumstances.

Doctors and staff in the practice have access to your medical record in order to do their jobs. From time to time information may be shared with others involved in your care if it is necessary. Anyone with access to your record is properly trained in confidentiality issues and is governed by both a legal and contractual duty to keep your details private.

All the information that we keep Is held securely and appropriate safeguards are in place to prevent accidental loss or dissemination.

To ensure your privacy we will not disclose any information over the phone or fax unless that we are certain that we are talking directly to you. Information will not be disclosed to friend, family, nor spouses unless we have prior written consent that you would wish us to do so. We do not leave messages with others about investigation results. However  occasionally, if there is a clinical necessity to contact you quickly and we have been unable to, we might leave a message to ask you to contact the surgery.

For those of you that have a computer, we are able to register you for on-line access to your records. Speak to one of our receptionists if you would like to arrange this.